digital / analog audio analyzer

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BY-302B digital / analog audio analyzer

    BY-302 innovative design includes: one-press test, automatic sequential execution and continuous scanning technology, it only takes 7 seconds to measure 14 parameters. All measurement panels are very intuitive and can examine the results from multiple perspectives and check the upper / lower limits of the graph. Automatic sequencing or API programming automatically repeats testing of parameters for different signal levels and real-time monitoring of level, waveform and spectrum analysis. With external source mode, clients' waveform files can be played to measure CDs, DVDs and MP3 players.

    BY-302B High performance, typical THD + N up to 110 dB and 24-bit resolution FFT spectrum analysis up to 1MHz with AG52 and BW52 options; BY-302B displays power and frequency graph relationships and other CEA-2006 / CEA-490A measurement. It is also the only CMRR common mode rejection test in the world to provide the IEC60268 section 14.15.1 standard.

System performance

Residual THD + N20kHz BW

-105dB + 1.3uV

Typical <-108dB (1kHZ, 2.5V)

Typical <-110dB (1kHZ, 2.5V) [with AG52]

Signal source performance

Zheng Xuan wave frequency range 0.1Hz-80.1kHz

The square wave frequency ranges from 10.0 Hz to 20.1 kHz (requires AG52)

Frequency accuracy of 2ppm

IMD test signal SMPTE, MOD, DFD

DIM test signal (requires AG52)

Maximum amplitude (balance) 21.21 Vrms, 26.66 Vrms bal, 13.33 Vrms unbal,

When fs ≥ 10Hz (need AG52)

Amplitude accuracy ± 0.03dB (+15 ℃ - +30 ℃)

Flatness (20Hz-20kHz) ± 0.008dB

Analog output settings: unbalance and balance

Digital input sampling rate: 22kHz-192kHz

Support Dolby / dts generator


Maximum input voltage: 300Vrms (bal) 160Vrms (bal)

Maximum bandwidth:> 90kHz,> 1MHz (BW52)

IMD testing capabilities: SMPTE, MOD, DFD

Amplitude accuracy: ± 0.03dB (+15 ℃ - +30 ℃)

Flatness (20Hz-20kHz) ± 0.008dB

Residual input noise: (20kHz BW) 1.3uV

Independent harmonic analyzer: d2-d10

Maximum FFT length: 1024k points

Support DC voltage test

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