visual audio application processing service software platform.

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visual audio application processing service software platform.

Audio processing service software platform is used in radio and television audio signal surveillance monitor the proprietary software of monitoring, it is widely applied in the programme production monit, program transmission monitoring, the monitoring of the launch pad, cable TV, and other fields, the system can handle multi-channel audio signals at the same time, with the quality of TV signal in real time alarm, custom video and anomaly video, and other functions. Can be realized through different forms of picture combination more signal TV monitoring, also can switch to a single way of independent monitoring mode, each TV audio signal in the form of dynamic column graph overlay unified monitoring on the screen, and can be real-time monitored every road program audio signal. The system can alarm the video loss of TV signal, the abnormal image quality (black screen, static frame, etc.), and the loss of associated sound.

Main functions:

It can be monitored with pictures of 1, 4, 9, 16 and 25.

You can listen to the audio of the program by default.

It is used to alarm the program (video loss, static frame, black field, monochrome color screen, test card, color bar, sound loss, sound volume too low, sound volume too high).

It supports custom time videos. The system automatically saves the visual audio signal of 30 seconds before and after the failure point.

It supports remote network monitoring mode.

It supports alarm threshold setting.

Applicable fields

Provincial, city and county television stations at all levels;

Provincial, city, county all levels of transmission machine room;

Provincial, municipal, county level television transmission machine room;

Provincial, city, county level network companies broadcast control room;

Provincial satellite signal stations;

Provincial, municipal and county radio and television monitoring centers and safety broadcast command and control center.

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