DTMB encoder.

  • No.:BY-210
  • supplier :magic-china
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DTMB encoder.

The high definition video features of the high-def professional encoder are tested BY the metrological testing center of sarft.

In the product test organized BY the metrological testing center of the state administration of radio, film and television (sarft), the high-definition professional encoder has the highest quality score in both subjective and objective tests.

BY-210 hd professional encoder has a better performance than similar products in encoding and decoding delay.

Objective function

The input interface

Hd-sdi (HD) x 1.

Output interface


Video encoding format.


Video encoding extension.

AVS1 - P2, h. 264 / AVC

Audio coding format

DRA, ac-3, e-ac3, mpeg-1 Audio.

Code rate range.

Hd 6 MBPS - 16 MBPS (1080 I)

Sd: 1.5 Mbps - 4 Mbps

Transfer protocol

TS over ASI

TS over UDP (multicast or unicast)

The power supply

Hot standby redundant power supply.


44 mm * 440 mm * 510 mm

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