oscilloscope 500MHz.

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oscilloscope 500MHz.

BY-209 up to 3.5 GHz bandwidth and up to 40 GS/s sampling rate. More than 30 analysis packages provide in-depth measurements for communication standards, jitter analysis, memory bus standards, vector analysis, and so on. The Windows operating system allows you to run your own analytics software on the device. Fast wave capture rate, advanced triggering and protocol decoding and search capabilities help you quickly resolve difficult troubleshooting problems.

Bandwidth ranges from 500 MHz to 3.5ghz, with user-selectable bandwidth limit filters:

According to the frequency content of the measured signals, the performance of the oscilloscope is optimized by channel, and the design is verified more accurately.

Maximum 40 GS/s sampling rate: accurately sampling your signal to ensure that all frequency components are collected and displayed.

Digital fluorescent display FastAcq ® : by teck proprietary FastAcq technology quickly found burr and contingencies. The maximum capture rate of >250,000 waveform/SEC can show the undetected exception more quickly.

Pinpoint ® trigger: provide more than 1400 kinds of trigger combination, including up to 1.25 Gb/s of the serial data stream set up/maintain, string of baggage and parcel type locking, rapid capture abnormal signal. Optional visual triggering allows the graphical trigger definition.

Built-in analysis tools: use 53 automatic measurement, measurement statistics, histogram, advanced waveform math, user-definable filters, and custom MATLAB and.net math plug-ins to analyze the device.

Serial trigger and analysis selection: through automatic trigger, decoding, and search fast debugging common serial bus - I2C, SPI, rs-232/422/485 /UART, USB2.0, Ethernet, MIL- std-1553b, CAN, LIN and FlexRay.

Application package: through the analysis of the jitter and eye diagram standard and 30 for serial consistency, the RF power analysis, analysis, memory, etc. Optional packages, apply your oscilloscope into a special tool.

Off-line waveform analysis: improvement of time and resource utilization; Observe, measure, and analyze data captured in the lab and are independent of the oscilloscope hardware using TekScope AnywhereTM.

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