desktop vector network analyzer.

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desktop vector network analyzer.

BY vector network analyzer - 208 is a high performance, large dynamic network sextant, low noise, the frequency range covers 300 KHZ to 3 GHZ, covers the entire mobile communication frequencies, the dual port S parameter measurement, high measuring accuracy, good stability test, measurement speed is fast. It can be widely used in mobile communication, military industry, semiconductor, radio and television, scientific research education and other fields of rf devices, component r&d and production testing.

Functional features

Measurement S11, S21, S12, S22.

Wide frequency range: 300kHz ~ 3GHz.

Large dynamic range: >125dB (IFBW=10Hz),130dB typical value.

Low system noise: < -120dbm (IFBW=10Hz)

Low trace noise: 1mdB RMS (IFBW=3kHz)

High speed of measurement: 125 m2 /point (IFBW=30kHz)

High equivalent direction: >45dB.

Multiple ways of remote control: LAN/GPIB.

Very low power consumption.

"One-key test" solution to improve test efficiency.

The main parameters

Port impedance:Ω 50, 75 Ω

Port connector:N - type, female

The port number:2

Frequency range:300 KHZ ~ 3 GHz / 1.5 GHz

Frequency accuracy:Plus or minus 5 x 10-6

Frequency resolution:1 hz

Measuring points:2 ~ 10001

Measure the bandwidth:1Hz ~ 30kHz (step value 1/1.5/2/3/5/7)

Dynamic range (IF bandwidth 10 Hz):125 db, typ. 125 db

Measurement speed

Single point measurement time.:125 mu s

Conversion time from source to receiver port.:The < 10 ms

Measuring range

Scanning time corresponding to different scanning points (IFBW, 30kHz)

Scanning points (IFBW 30kHz) 51.                                                  201                 401                    1601

No calibration was enabled (300 khz-10mhz) 13ms.                      52 ms            104 ms                413 ms

Full dual port calibration (300 khz-10mhz) 46ms.                          123 ms           226 ms               844 ms

The calibration was not enabled (10mhz-3ghz / 1.5ghz) 7ms.       27 ms             53 ms                 207 ms

Full dual port calibration (10mhz-3ghz / 1.5ghz) 34ms.                 73 ms            125 ms                434 ms

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