portable vector network analyzer.

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portable vector network analyzer.

Product features:

• dual-port, single-path vector network analyzer (VNA: 500 kHz ~ 4 GHz)

• intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), with convenient touch screen operation.

• excellent calibration stability.

• user-defined overlapped functionality, and multiple s-parameters can be viewed at the same time.

• excellent anti-rf interference capability.

• selection range of intermediate frequency bandwidth of 10 Hz to 100 kHz.

•100 dB dynamic transmission range.

• the scanning speed is 850 microseconds/data points.

• built-in bias selection.

• the selection of vector voltmeter can accurately match the phase of the cable.

Technical parameters

Frequency range: 500 kHz ~ 4 GHz.

Frequency accuracy: 2.5 PPM.

Frequency resolution: 1Hz.

Typical test port power.

Frequency range (GHz)           High end port power (dBm)            Low end port power (dBm)

500 KHZ to 3 GHZ or less                        3                                                  - 25

3 GHZ to 6 GHZ or less                           0                                                   - 25

Transmission dynamic range

Frequency range (GHz)                          Dynamic range (dB)

2 MHZ to 4 GHZ or less                               100

Typical sweep speed.

Frequency range (GHz)                              Typical scan speed (s/ p)

500 KHZ to 4 GHZ or less                                       850

Interference suppression


+ 17 DBM @ > 1.0 MHz


0 DBM with plus or minus 10 KHZ

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