radio and television signal generator.

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radio and television signal generator.

BY-206 code stream generator and radio frequency signal, it significantly reduces the complexity of the test system structure and greatly improves the reliability. Remarkably matching arbitrary waveform generator can produce any standard modulation signal, and can also play the customer waveform file editor, is not restricted by the configured real-time encoder.

The BY-206 is compact, with a height of 1U. Easy to operate, all functions can be realized through panel operation. It can also be remotely controlled via a computer, which is easy to use. For applications that do not require a local operation, the by-206 also offers a model with no screen or buttons.

The characteristics of

Single equipment can support any number of standards.

The frequency range can be up to 2700MHz.

Output power of 27dBm (including built-in amplifier)

High precision modulator (MER typical value +43dB)

Built-in code flow generator.

Universal multi-standard real-time coding test transmitter.

Support for various digital and analog TV standards for cable, satellite and ground transport.

Supports digital and analog audio broadcast standards.

A real-time coded signal that produces modulation parameters.

Various standards are implemented in the form of software selection.

Wide frequency and level range and excellent signal quality.

Frequency range from 100kHz to 2700MHz.

Level range from -110dbm to +15dBm.

Very short switching time.

Low phase noise and high MER.

Built-in noise generator.

Main technical parameters

Rf signal

Frequency range

No power amplifier

100 KHZ to 2.7 GHz

Have a pa

47 MHZ to 862 MHZ

Frequency resolution.

1 hz


No power amplifier

- 110 DBM ~ + 15 DBM

Have a pa

+27dBm, 0dB ~ 30dB adjustable.

Spectrum purity

SSB phase noise

20kHz deviation at 300MHz.

< - 115 DBC (1 hz)

Broadband noise

> 10 MHZ

< - 135 DBC (1 hz)

Digital real-time modulation system.

Terrestrial television

DVB - T21), DVB - T, DTMB, ISDB - T,


Cable TV

DVB - C, J., 83 / B, ISDB - C

Satellite TV

DVB - S, DVB - S2, DirecTV

Mobile TV

Dvb-h, T - DMB, ISDB - 1 - Segment, T MediaFLO ™, CMMB, ATSC M/H

Digital audio broadcast


Analog real-time modulation system.

Analog TV

B/G, D/K, I, M/N, L.

Analog audio broadcast

AM, FM mono, FM stereo with RDS.

A modulation system based on arbitrary wave generator.

Digital audio broadcast

HD Radio ™, DRM, DRM + 1)

Digital TV

DVB - T2, CMMB, MediaFLO ™

Baseband signal source.

Code stream generator

The file format

The original factory has its own format.

Data rate (including empty packets)

100 kbit/s (~ 214 mbit/s

Code stream player

The file format


Data rate

100 kbit/s (~ 90 mbit/s

Arbitrary wave generator


256 msample

Sampling rate

Maximum 100 msample/s

Noise generator 1)



- 30 db ~ + 60 db

The general information

Working temperature

+ 5 ° C ~ + 45 ° c.

The power supply

90V ~ 240V communication, 50Hz ~ 60Hz.


427mm * 44mm * 450mm.


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