crackdown on instrument

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crackdown on instrument

Weighing device (10W ~ 1200W)

This series of high voltage generator is designed for the use of narrow space and perfect performance. The circuit adopts the high frequency resonant converter with unique control technology, which enables it to operate with high reliability and no fault in the extremely bad instant and arc environment, and the efficiency is up to 85%. This series of high - voltage generator specifications are complete, and provide a variety of optional features.

Typical features:

Compact and lightweight.

1kV ~ 130kV voltage range.

System status indicator.

Arc extinguishing/fire counting/arc tripping.

Low electromagnetic/rf interference.

The polarity can be reversed and the standard model can reach 6kV.

Extended analog and digital interfaces.

Can be customized according to customer's requirement.

Typical applications:

Analytical X-ray

CPT/CRT tests


Electron beam system

Capacitance charging

Hipot insulation test.

General laboratory

Continuous laser


AOL    Adjustable overload trip.

CPC    Continuous power control

EFR     External fault relay.

The AT     Play the arc tripping

FG     Floating ground (standard 15V)

SL     Install the slippery course

The ROV     Remote overvoltage regulation.

BPM     Bipolar master.

FGLL     Low leakage, 10nA.

FPS     filament

The CMS     Current mode selection

BPS     Dual polarity from

LR     Low ripple,0.05% peak - peak.

IO     The instantaneous start

IDR     Enhanced dynamic response

FCV     Accurate voltage control

NSS     Quick start

The PN     Reversible polarity

RLPS     Remote/native set selection.

NAD     No arc detection

SS (X)     Non-standard slow start (standard 10 seconds)

APT     Adjustable power trip.

DPM4     4 semi-digital panel meter.

RFR     Remote fault reset.

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