frequency synthesizer.

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BY-503 frequency synthesizer.

Frequency synthesizer is a precision, stability, excellent quartz crystal oscillators as reference frequency, using the basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division technology, in order to obtain equal to quartz crystal oscillators precision and stability of a large number of discrete frequency signal equipment. It is widely used in communication equipment, radar, navigation, frequency time standard and other technical fields. For example, in various precision instruments, the frequency synthesizer can provide high resolution and low noise (phase noise) signals to meet the needs of various precise measurements.

Exciter for short wave high power transmitter.

Low power consumption and high reliability.

With the output power fine tuning knob, it can be adjusted continuously within a range of less than 10dB.

Output frequency range: 0.1 MHz - 40 MHz.

Output frequency step: 1KHz.

Measurement accuracy: 1Hz.

Output: +3 to +13 dBm output.

Output level attenuation step: 0.1 dB.

Output level flatness: plus or minus 0.6dB.

Harmonics: less than -35dbc (output control knob is set to maximum) (typical value is -45dbc)

Output frequency stability: 1 x 10-9 / day (after + 24 hours)

Accuracy of output frequency: 1 x 10-8 (after + 1 hour)

5 x 10-7 (after adding 20 minutes)

Clutter: less than 5KHz at the center frequency.

The output load: 50 Ω

Average working time: MTBF=18000 hours.

Power supply voltage: 220V plus or minus 10% (50Hz single-phase alternating current)

Working environment temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃

Storage temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃

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