frequency modulation system monitor.

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BY-403 frequency modulation system monitor.

BY-403 provides a complete solution for the FM simulation signal. The device focuses on the following functions: RF amplifier, FM modem, stereo demodulator, RDS decoder, SCA decoder, FFT spectrum analyzer. BY using the most advanced DSP technology in the field of digital processing, BY-403, it is an innovation for the former FM simulation processing performance.

BY-403 all-in-one FM modulation monitor is a broadband FM monitor that meets the requirements of the federal communications commission to measure the modulation characteristics of mono and stereo multiplexed FM transmitters. BY-403 measurement modulated signal and provide high quality output service for the traditional analog FM radio station working at 88MHz - 108MHz. The equipment can carry out the spectrum analysis of pre-demodulation and post-demodulation signal, and the internal calibration signal will monitor the detection accuracy in real time. Through a communication port, the customer can remotely monitor BY-403 via computer.

The characteristics of

Direct sampling of FM radio frequency carrier signals.

Flexible input RF frequency.

AM& synchronous measurement AM noise.

Variable bandwidth digital IF filtering.

The digital FM demodulation of 100 dB,75 mu S signal to noise ratio.

Variable bandwidth integrated filter Settings.

Digital stereo demodulation of 100 dBL/R separations.

Simulation peak and effective values of the comprehensive measurement.

RDS input, phase and complete data decoding.

Two digital SCA decoders.

RF, composite video and audio FFT spectrum analysis.

Rj-45 Ethernet interface and remote PC software.

To increase the conversion, 50 s & 75 s.


The RF input

Frequency range 88 to 108.1MHz, step 100kHz.

High level input 400 mVrms 3.5 VRMS, 50 Ω, BNC connector

Antenna input sensitivity mu 100 V, 100 Ω, F type connector, the largest 500 mV

FM demodulation

The frequency response is plus or minus 0.01 dB, 10 Hz to 100 kHz.

The signal-to-noise ratio of 100 dB, 75 s to increase.

The distortion is 0.001%, and 75 s goes to increase.

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