FM synthesis tester.

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FM synthesis tester.

Main functions and features of the product:

The l FM synthesizer consists of audio signal generator module, audio automatic analysis module and FM demodulation module.

L can complete the test indicators required by GY/T 169-2001 and GY/T 225-2007. It is widely used in operation monitoring and index test of FM transmitter.

L 7 "color LCD screen, full Chinese menu operation.

L digital tuning frequency.

L independent demodulation base band output.

L independent USB interface and printing interface.

Audio test for broadcast, television transmitter and broadcast control center of broadcast television system;

Also applicable to other audio equipment such as audio recorder, DVD, VCD manufacturers and research units.

FM demodulation module.

's special test designed for FM radio transmitter module, can be used for the operation of the FM broadcast transmitter monitoring, can also be used for FM radio transmitter index test and ensure the normal operation of FM broadcast transmitter is indispensable and broadcast equipment.

It has a digital tuning frequency.

There are three sub-systems: frequency synthesizer RF preselector, baseband demodulator, stereo decoder to guarantee the minimum distortion demodulation index.

No need for Bessel zero correction.

It is easy to use, direct output demodulation baseband signal.

The accurate baseband demodulation, PLL stereo channel decoding, linear phase filter, provides a comprehensive and convenient test for monitoring system level and performance detection.

Technical indicators

A functional test:Monophonic,PLL stereo demodulation, baseband demodulation, linear phase filter.

Frequency range:87.5-108 MHZ

Separation of left and right signals.:62 db

Accuracy of distortion:< 0.1%

Frequency response:< 0.1 dB

deviation:Plus or minus 0.2 KHz (0-100 KHz)

Signal to noise ratio:> 86 dB

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