radio and television power meter.

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BY-404 radio and television power meter.

The power meter is composed of a power indicator and a power coupled cavity, which accurately tests the output power of the broadcast television system transmitter. According to the specific measurement, different power probes are selected to improve the measurement accuracy, and the power of transmitter can be monitored in real time by means of structure and measurement. The power measurement range is 0.1-25kw; With good matching, the port standing wave is 1.05:1.

Product technical indicators:

The device type:TZ0010

The device name:1-5/8 "Thruline Line Section

Connector type:The EIA Flg.


Detector slot:2

The length of the:6.75"

The weight of the:3.25 LBS

Technical indicators of portable voltmeter:

The device name:Portable voltmeter.

Meter scale:5/10/25 kW

model: 4-1/2 "Rectangular Meter Housing, in w/FWD

And RFL Switch

The DC line: 10 '

Table 1-5/8A - standard unit 100 mu A.

model                    Frequency range (MHz)                    Measuring range

100 b1                    50-125.                                                  100 W.

250 b1                    50-125.                                                  250 W.

500 b1                    50-125.                                                  500 W.

1000 b1                  50-125.                                                  1000 W.

2500 b1                  50-125.                                                  2500 W.

5000 b1                  50-125.                                                  5000 W.

10 kb1                    50-125.                                                  10 kW

25 kb1                    50-125.                                                   25 kW

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