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BY 316 the radio

Product description:

You can enjoy FM stereo radio with stereo headphones.

When listening to the NEWS broadcast, the TONE selector is set to NEWS to enhance the voice. When you listen to MUSIC, set the selector to MUSIC.

Due to the internal clutter generated by the built-in oscillator, it may be difficult to receive frequencies near 3.64MHz.

Frequency range

Universal stereo FM/short wave/medium wave/long wave reception.

FM: 76-108mhz.

                         87.5-108 MHZ

SW short wave: 1621-29999khz.

                         2250-2610 KHZ

MW medium wave: 530-1620khz.

LW long wave: 150-529khz.

                        150-285 KHZ

Tuning mode

Direct tuning: direct input to the specified tuning frequency.

Manual tuning: manually adjust the frequency by point.

Automatic scan tuning: automatic search station.

Preset tuning: pre-storage frequency point, directly corresponding to the storage key selection.

Storage scan tuning: specifies that the radio has been searched and tuned after storage.

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