spectrum analyzer.

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spectrum analyzer.

With the help of this section is designed to adapt to the harsh conditions in the field of portable spectrum analyzer, you will be able to monitor, positioning, and to identify and analyze various range of radio signals, including radio, 2 g / 3 g / 4 g, land mobile radio systems, wi-fi and cell phone signal. Portable configuration has many options, its versatility is able to meet you locate and identify the demand of the wide frequency range of signal, no need to separate to learn a variety of instrument operation and carry a variety of instruments.

The product application

• spectrum monitoring

• transmitter verification: bandwidth, channel power, and adjacent channel power ratio.

• signal strength Mapping.

• strong analysis of 2G/3G/4G signal field.

• field strength measurement

• coverage validation, network optimization.

Product features

• spectrum analyzer, interference analyzer, interference map.

• high precision power meter and dual port transmission measurement.

• coverage map, channel scanner, GPS location, AM/FM/PM signal analysis.

• digital TV isdb-t, dvb-t /H signal analysis.

• a single charge can be used for three hours in a row, strong and durable, compact and lightweight, and the display is visible in daylight.

• intuitive menu driven touch screen user interface.

• measurement function: bandwidth, channel power, ACPR, C/I, spectrum launch template.

• interference analysis: waterfall, signal strength, RSSI, signal ID, interference map.

• digital TV isdb-t, dvb-t /H signal analysis.

•20 MHz demodulation bandwidth.

• dynamic range: > 102 dB at 1 Hz RBW.

•DANL: -162 dBm at 1 Hz RBW.

• phase noise: -100 dBc/Hz maximum @10 kHz at 1 GHz bias.

• frequency accuracy: < + 50 PPB needs GPS.

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