Grounding resistance meter

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Grounding resistance meter

Product features

• comply with IEC60529 IP54 anti-dust and waterproof specifications.

· in addition to the accurate measurement capability, the instrument also comes with a standard attachment, which is the test special line of the two line measuring system which is streamlined (the machine can be hung around the neck for easy measurement)

• design conforms to iec 61010-1 safety standard.

• the grounding voltage can be measured.

• when the resistance on the auxiliary grounding rod exceeds the tolerance limit, it will automatically alert.

• exquisite, light and durable.

•2mA's measuring current allows grounding resistance to be tested without being tested.

The ground leakage circuit breaker on the road.

Technical parameters

Measuring range

Grounding resistance: 0-20 Ω / 0-200 Ω Ω / 0-2000

Ground voltage: 0-200v /AC (50/60hz)


Grounding resistance: plus or minus 2% RDG Ω 0.1 mm (20 Ω)

Plus or minus 2 RDG + 3 DGT (200 Ω / 2000 Ω)

Grounding voltage: + 1% RDG + 4dgt.

Overload protection

Grounding resistance: 280V AC 10 seconds.

Across 2 of the 3 terminals.

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