vector network analyzer.

  • No.:BY-306
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BY-306 vector network analyzer.

Measurement mode: full - frequency scan and dot frequency measurement.

Equipment function: transmission measurement can be carried out (measurement frequency characteristics, insertion loss,

                                    Phase, amplifier gain, antenna gain, group delay, optional antenna.

                                    Direction map test function), reflection measurement (measurement of standing wave, return loss, impedance,

                                    Reflection phase, electric length, with Smith circle chart display function

                                    Time domain fault location function.

Display format: the transmission measurement has logarithmic amplitude and amplitude phase.

Display; The reflection measurement has logarithmic display, the standing wave ratio shows, Smith circle graph shows.

Main technical guidance

Frequency range:0.001-120 MHZ

Frequency accuracy:10 to 5 or less

Frequency resolution:0.5 KHZ

Interpolation resolution:The uncertainty of 0.01Db/div is 4% of 0.2db +Db in 50Db.

Reflection resolution;Small reflection uncertainty at 0.02 (that is, residual standing wave 1.02)

Phase resolution:0.10, uncertainty about 50 / amplitude.

Frequency range;0.001-120 MHZ

Clutter rejection:40 db

Group delay;1 ns - 40 mu s

The time domain fault

Positioning function:There are seven files between 0 and 1200 meters.

Insertion loss:70 db

Return loss:50 db

gain:- 20-30 db

The reflection bridge is effective and directional.:Acuity 40 db

Load return loss:P 45 db

Test port:N type single test channel.

Dimensions (mm):320 wide x 133 height x 150 long.

The weight of the:5 kg

The standard accessories:50 Ω N type test suite (including bridge, complete sets of calibration, etc.)

                                         75 Ω test suite, two-wire system test suite, medium wave, short wave, FM and TV anti-interference test suite

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