operation impedance bridge.

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BY-305 operation impedance bridge.

The running impedance bridge can measure the impedance of the antenna, network, transmission line and the common point of the directional antenna system. Impedance bridge can work under 5 kilowatts of power. Under normal working conditions, the impedance of the load is also measured with rf power. This "operation impedance" cannot be measured using the traditional impedance bridge method, because when the bridge is connected to the circuit, the technical specifications of the system will be destroyed. Because traditional bridge design could not cope with the large power, therefore under the operating power level, due to the coupling impedance or impedance change with power, so they only low level of impedance measurement. The running impedance bridge adds all the power of the source to the load, thus minimizing the interference effect of adjacent antennas or power signals. The operation impedance bridge is connected directly with transmission line, network or antenna, and the power of the transmitter is added and used to operate the X and R disk in front of the bridge to obtain the balance of the bridge. The zero reading of the front panel table indicates the balance of the bridge. The running resistance and reactance can be read directly from the dial of the bridge. The bridge can also be used to measure impedance in the DELTA production of rg-4bb or other receiver/generator equipment. The bridge has been approved by the federal communications commission to measure the impedance of a common point.

Technical features:


Frequency range: 500khz-5mhz.

Bound into effect: quite a 9 inches 150 Ω communication domain.

Function: R dial Ω readings - 1000 to + 1000 Ω directly

               X Ω direct reading - 900 to + 900 Ω under 1 MHZ.

               Accuracy: R and X dial, plus or minus 2% plus or minus 1 Ω

Signal source

Frequency range: 100KHz to 29.999MHz, step 1 KHz.

Isolation of generator/receiver: greater than 120dB.

Output characteristics: output: 100 KHZ to 20 MHZ, modulation to RMS 10 v (2) on the input impedance of 50 Ω

20 MHz to 27.5 MHz, can be modulated to the valid values for 5 volt case (0.5 watts), 50 Ω input impedance

27.5MHz to 29.999MHz, the effective value is 4 volts (0.3 watts),

Input impedance Ω modulation of 50-400 Hz AM 90%, 50 Hz square-wave

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