MAGIC-2014 vehicle broadcast signal integrated test system.

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MAGIC-2014 vehicle broadcast signal integrated test system.

Radio signal comprehensive test instrument support FM and am broadcasting signal measurement, can receive field intensity, carrier to noise ratio, amplitude of audio parameters and modulation /, as the degree of shock, working temperature and power supply design, can provide guarantee for its high performance expressiveness. It is believed that this equipment can meet the requirements of users. User interface friendly.

Technical indicators

Measurement frequency range: 9kHz ~ 2.7ghz.

Maximum real-time test bandwidth: 20MHz.

Frequency resolution: 0.5Hz~10MHz.

Demodulation: AM, FM,USB,LSB,CW,PM,Plus,IQ.

Test power range: -135dbm ~ 30dBm.

Test accuracy: plus or minus 1dB.

Radio frequency attenuation range: 0 ~ 50dB adjustable.

Input impedance: 50 Ω

Method of coupling: AC.


Broadcast signal online testing system.

Broadcast signal synthesis analysis system.

Broadcast signal field coverage analysis system.

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