MAGIC2000 illegal radio query system.

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MAGIC2000 illegal radio query system.

The illegal signal in the air and some uncertain disturbance signal, will usually affect the normal legal signal of radio, film and television broadcast, disturb the normal order of broadcast signal, in order to be able to solve this problem requires illegal signal to locate in a timely manner, notify the relevant law enforcement agencies to investigate in accordance with the law, portable direction finding system is good to help users solve the problem of signal direction finding. Through the hand-held test antenna, the system can find the maximum value of the detected signal, and then the wave direction of the signal can be determined. After multi-point testing, the source can be locked and the source is found. The system is equipped with a dedicated mapping software, which can be added directly to the direction receiver by the user through the system tool, making the test result more intuitive. The system consists of portable measuring receiver and hand-held test antenna with spectrum function.

System function

· support audio whistle noise source location.

· support GPS map interference source positioning function.

· basic spectrum analysis function.

· can conduct field strength test.

· able to take up bandwidth testing.

· capable of conducting channel power testing.

· be able to carry out the test of adjacent power ratio (ACPR).

· support AM/FM/SSB demodulation.

· able to carry out load ratio (C/I) test.

· support 3d spectrum (waterfall)

· support GPS mapping function.

· test signal audio demodulation.

· magnetic azimuth information collection.

· information collection of pitch Angle and roll Angle.

· capable of receiving signal strength indicator (RSSI) test.

Technical performance

· frequency range: 9 kHz to 4 GHz.

· measurement items: occupancy bandwidth, channel power, ACPR, C/I.

· interference analysis: spectrum time diagram, audio noise, RSSI, signal identification, interference map mapping.

· dynamic range: > 102 dB, 1 Hz RBW.

·DANL: -162 dBm, 1 Hz RBW.

· phase noise: -100 dBc/Hz maximum @1 GHz frequency, 10 kHz bias.

· frequency accuracy: < + 50 PPB (GPS open)

·2-port transmission measurement: high/low level.

· trace: normal, maximum retention, minimum retention, average.

· detection mode: peak, negative peak, sampling, quasi-peak, and RMS.

· mark: up to 6, each can include a difference pointer, or a reference with 6 difference Pointers.

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