MA969B vehicle broadcast circuit tester.

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MA969B vehicle broadcast circuit tester.

MA969B portable broadcast road measuring instrument is a fully automatic field measuring instrument composed of test host, test antenna and data acquisition and analysis software. It can be used to test the medium and short wave and FM radio signal field in space, and can also collect the real-time demodulation audio information. The machine is compact and portable, supporting ac/dc power supply, battery power supply, and the power supply of cigarette lighter. The device is an embedded Windows operating system, and the sampling point data and test information are displayed directly into the built-in map platform. In order to save manpower, and reduce work load test, the instrument can also through the wireless communication network test server communicates with the office, make the whole testing process in real-time data to the full display on the test server, including the location of the test information, time information and field strength, and so on. The machine operation is very simple, the test effect is very intuitive. The user can fully understand and master the actual launch quality and effect, thus improving the overall emission effect, and can detect the illegal frequency point. This machine is widely applicable to broadcast signal transmitting and related monitoring institutions at all levels. In addition, the equipment is equipped with field coverage analysis software, which can be used for statistical analysis of test data, and generate statistical charts and simulated field intensity coverage renderings.

Technical parameters

Frequency range:               522 KHZ to 120 MHZ

The antenna impedance:               50 Ω

Amplitude modulation AM minimum frequency step.:               1 KHZ

FM minimum frequency step.:               10 KHZ

Level measurement range.:               20 ~ 120 dbuv

The sensitivity:               30 ~ 140 dbuv/m

Level measurement accuracy.:               Plus or minus 1 db

Detection methods:              Mean detection

passband:               Medium wave test pass frequency band 9kHz 6dB voltage drop.

Amplitude modulation system:               0 ~ 100%

Frequency modulation system:               0 ~ 75 KHz

Carrier to noise ratio:               60 db

The power supply:               Built-in battery for 5 hours, external dc (12V), charger.

attenuator:               The automatic control

Sampling interval:               The shortest 1 s

Output interface:               USB * 2

Audio output:               Standard 3.5mm audio port (built-in speaker)

Communication interface:               Network port *1, data forwarding TCP/IP/ rs-232 serial port.

Display part screen:               10-inch touch screen control.

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