MAGIC-2017 car radio and television road test system.

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MAGIC-2017 car radio and television road test system.

AGIC - 2017 portable car radio and TV system is designed for radio, film and tailor the launch and monitoring departments, can meet the relevant professionals to am radio, FM radio, analog and digital TV testing needs. Compared with traditional signal measurement methods, this system has the characteristics of rich sampling points, high system integration, high degree of automation and simple operation. During the test, the operator does not need to switch the test frequency point. No parking is required to set up the test antenna. All test data are automatically obtained and saved according to the preset conditions. System is equipped with professional data analysis software, can be dealt with according to the result of test data analysis, and will result in a wide variety of ICONS, according to the way and then from the Angle of subjective and objective situation to build understanding of the test.

Technical parameters

Frequency range:                 500 KHZ to 1.3 GHz

Input power range:              - 125 DBM to + 20 DBM

Built-in attenuator adjustable range.:              50 db

Absolute measurement accuracy:               Plus or minus 1.5 dB

Frequency resolution:               1 KHZ

Tuning resolution:                1 hz

Spectral scanning rate:              200 MHZ/s, 25 KRBW

Intermediate frequency rejection ratio:               90 db or higher

Mirror frequency rejection ratio:               90 db or higher

Video signal encoding format.:               H.264 MPEG2 MPEG4 AVS+ (optional)

Video signal resolution.:               576 I, 720 p 1080 I

Audio signal encoding format.:               MPEG1 MPEG2 HE - ACC

Television signal format.:               PAL, NTSC SECAM

display:               10 inch

Rf input:               50 Ω

Data interface:               Ethernet * 2 * 6 USB

Product specification:               Size: 380 mm * 210 mm * 160 mm                Weight: 6.3 kg

The work environment:               Temperature: 0 ° C ~ 45 ° C                Humidity: 90% do not show dew.

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