national standard surface code flow analyzer.

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national standard surface code flow analyzer.

BY- 205 national standard ground digital TV portable code flow analyzer, powerful, lightweight and convenient, adopt embedded architecture design, real time, reliable data transmission, stable performance. National standard digital terrestrial television portable code flow analyzer and supporting software to work together, to realize the transmission flow of real-time and off-line analysis, stream of entry, broadcast, TS stream file interception and so on, which can realize basic information such as bit rate, bandwidth, TR101290 triple error analysis report to the police, PCR and interval analysis accuracy, PSI/SI table and tree parsing table interval analysis, the whole network EPG analysis, syntax analysis, analysis of data broadcast (DC/OC), and other functions. The device is very lightweight and can work with all kinds of computers, such as laptops, desktops and servers. It has the features of flexible configuration, reliable operation and convenient use.


• support national standard ground digital TV standard.

• adopt embedded architecture with strong stability and high real-time performance.

• support remote access control across network segments.

• monitoring and analysis of the full network EPG Schedule/Event.

• support data wheel release/object wheel release data analysis, grammar analysis and file download.

· real-time analysis of DVB over IP transmission flow (optional)

• set code rate, start broadcasting position, and circulate. IP analysis (optional)

• support AVS+ (optional)

• provide TR101290 standard three-level error alarm and provide other error type alarm.

• support error code flow triggering collection.

• PSI/SI table analysis can be deep into the description of the internal, real-time statistics of each table interval.

• support t-sdt three-level Buffer analysis.

• detailed offline analysis supported PID/PES/Section/PCR data viewing, parsing and data export.

• a variety of code stream input methods to meet different needs.

• the entry mechanism adopts the TCP/IP protocol, and the code flow entry process is not lost.

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