terrestrial digital television spectrum analyzer.

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terrestrial digital television spectrum analyzer.

BY - 202 is based on the spectrum analyzer developed BY terrestrial digital TV spectrum analysis instrument, it not only inherited the fast spectrum analysis function, and provides a comprehensive ground of analog and digital TV analysis function.

Functional features

Real-time spectrum analysis of 100kHz~3GHz;

Comprehensive digital terrestrial television analysis function suitable for DTMB(gb20600-2006)

/CMMB/ATSC signal analysis, compatible with dvb-c function;

Fully analog TV analysis and analysis functions, such as level, V/A, C/N,

CSO/CTB, modulation system, audio bias analysis, etc.

Portable, built-in battery, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications;

Chinese and English interface, simple operation;

Built-in network interface, can be remotely operated; Provide powerful management software for data analysis and storage.


Digital, analog ground television and other related research and development, engineering testing.

Digital, analog ground television and other launch station testing.

Related manufacturing test equipment.

Frequency index

Frequency range:

100 KHZ ~ 3 GHZ.

Frequency parameters:

Aging speed:

Plus or minus 1 x10-6 / year


Plus or minus 1 times 10-6/ plus or minus 1 times 10-7.

Temperature stability:

Plus or minus 2 x10-6 (0 to 50 ℃)

Precision of frequency standard:

(SNR is 25 dB, resolution bandwidth (RBW)/scan width = 0.01)

Counting accuracy:

Plus or minus 2 x10-6 + 1


1 hz

Frequency scan width:


0Hz(zero belt sweeping), 1khz-3000mhz.

Scan time and trigger mode:

Scan time range:

20ms-250s (frequency scanning width is greater than 200 Hz)

20 s - 250s(frequency scan width = 0 Hz)

1ms-250s (frequency scan width 1M~100MHz, quick scan mode)

Time accuracy:

"Plus or minus 0.2%

Trigger mode:

Free trigger, single trigger, video trigger, line trigger.

Resolution bandwidth:


1khz-3 MHz 1-3 step forward.

30Hz, 100Hz, 300Hz (optional)

Bandwidth accuracy:

"Plus or minus 10%

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