New media is ubiquitous in the smart grid service mobile intelligence.

2018-01-16 15:52:28 magic-china

Today, CCBN exhibition show has become the enterprise strength and charm, March 26, 2015, the 23rd China international exhibition on radio and television information network (CCBN2015) kicked off in Beijing international exhibition center. Automobil network as an important portal and industry's largest B2B e-commerce platform, with all products to participate in this exhibition, brought hc360 several classic industry for the industry, attracted numerous industry users visit.

"China radio and television industry information" starting: as the annual industry classic publication -- 2015 "China industry information big and TV industry volume" in this exhibition first. At the expo site, people in the industry can get a copy of the book by paying attention to the official WeChat of huitong power grid. For a moment, the exhibition platform crowd surges, see mobile phone to look for code. New media is already ubiquitous in the industry.

Micro letter group service industry users: in order to good service users, automobil network, called on the industry friends to join automobil micro letter group together, in order to a common goal, we have been together.

Electricity everywhere: in 2014, the rapid development of e-commerce in China, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises of B2B e-commerce has developed rapidly, this year the exhibition scene, automobil network comprehensive display the whole process of online transactions, the user through the trading explanation and demonstration, a better understanding of the automobil network mall function and service.

Brand event: nowadays, with the increasing frequency of online transactions, the brand becomes the largest reference for users to purchase or purchase, and the brand also becomes one of the marks of enterprise development. This exhibition highlights the winning brands of the 2014 excellent enterprise brand event of broadcast and TV, and refuels the development of excellent enterprises.

TAG:   New media is ubiquitous in the smart grid service mobile intelligence.