The platform helps broadcasters to achieve Internet +.

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On March 26-28, 2015, CCBN2015 was held in Beijing China international exhibition center, with the theme of "integrating smart network and enjoying digital life". As a cloud platform solutions, chief expert of radio, film and television as cloud, cloud platform blockbuster launch the newest product cable operators core competence system, streaming platform, at the same time on radio and television cloud platform business consulting services, ERM (edge of resource management system) and the cloud. Received high attention from participants and media.

A large number of exhibitors gathered in CCBN2015.

Broadcast operators seek strategic transformation to achieve real Internet +.

The development of radio, film and television industry in the future will be based on the cloud platform has been in the industry consensus, both prime minister puts forward the thinking of "Internet +", more makes cloud platform construction of radio, film and radio and television operators towards Internet + key. How to smoothly enter the "cloud age" and truly realize Internet + is an important topic for the CCBN to explore the development trend of the future broadcasting industry.

Born novel-super of main item enterprises, with independent research and development of radio, film and video cloud computing cutting-edge technology, has the dual attributes of bo cloud technology, the cloud computing application aspects of radio, film and television has been doing well. In September 2012, depending on the cloud joint nanjing cable to build China's first cloud service platform of radio, film and television be born in nanjing, in April 2014, depending on the Po and sign a cooperation agreement with gehuayouxian cloud technology, jointly build gehua ticketmaster radio and television services in the cloud platform, help gehua ticketmaster "from traditional media to new media, by a single cable transmission business to all business integrated service providers" strategic transformation. Based on the business accumulation of radio and television industry for many years and solid technical strength, it has provided a complete cloud platform solution, full fluidization platform and ERM system for gehua.

According to see bo cloud on site, gehuayouxian currently covered 4.2 million hd two-way users, has already opened fluidization cloud platform business 3.4 million, 15 years in the first half of the year is expected to all users will cover all Beijing gehua ticketmaster cloud platform. Through the cooperation and gehuayouxian, depending on the Po cloud technology to exercise a batch of radio, film and cloud platform construction consulting and implementation of the technical personnel team, depending on the cloud cloud platform of radio, film and television products are also stood the test of gehua ticketmaster millions user scale, formed the advanced technology, products mature of a complete set of solutions. See bo cloud cloud platform construction scheme of radio, film and television in gehua ticketmaster project can absorb the Internet, telecom and broadcasting of cloud platform construction experience, is currently the radio and television industry the most innovative, collaborative, open, the ability of integration platform; The construction of the cloud platform of gehua has set up a good benchmark for the transformation of the broadcasting industry and the realization of Internet + in the broadcasting industry.

The core competence system of the radio and television cloud platform of the cloud streaming platform.

The CCBN scene, depending on the cloud directly by introducing, gehua ticketmaster signal shows a cloud platform core competence system of radio, film and television, streaming platform: streaming platform based on the concept of cloud computing technology, using video as "cloud" to "the terminal" presents the results of a cloud computing solutions. The application is run on the cloud server, and the display output and sound output of the operation are transmitted to the terminal after the network is transmitted in real time, and the output is displayed after real-time decoding of the terminal. Terminal can operate at the same time, the operation control information through the network real-time transmission to the cloud application platform for application control, terminal "lite" to only provide network, video decoding ability and human-computer interaction.

Wu junming, deputy general manager of bo yun, introduced the fluidization platform.

In the interview, wu junming, deputy general manager of bo cloud, introduced several advantages of the fluifying platform :1. The existing hd two-way set-top box is made to be able to surpass the intelligent terminal. 2. Solve the problem of fragmentation of various brand terminals of radio and TV operators. 3. Investment risk is controllable, and the input of the system can effectively avoid the risk of investment based on the growth of the number of users. 4. The application is launched directly in the cloud, and the business deployment and upgrade are flexible and safe and controllable; The fluidization platform fundamentally improves the network carrying capacity of radio and television, and improves the competitiveness of radio and television business. In order to build the ecosystem of the radio and television cloud platform, the Internet plus provides strong technical guarantee.

Currently, it supports various applications of Windows, Android and HTML5. Strong cross-platform support capability; In addition, it has already fallen to the ground, and the products are mature and mature in the cable, jieyang media, xinjiang cable and Oriental network. Platform good openness, the cloud can carry the infinite rich cloud applications, cool large 3 d games, entertainment and children's education content, application sense of fun, healthy body, can deploy here; The platform supports all kinds of terminal devices in the market, and rich integration experience can provide a full range of customer service for radio and TV operators.

The management of IPQAM resources is unified.

The CCBN also launched an ERM system for radio and television industry. The system can unify QAM resource pool management; The business system can use QAM resources according to the unified interface, and reduce the operation and maintenance configuration and maintenance of the business system. Rational optimization and allocation of QAM resources, significantly improve QAM resource utilization, and reduce the duplication of IPQAM equipment; Real-time monitoring of IPQAM ensures that QAM resources used by the business can be used to greatly improve the user experience. It is also an indispensable key link in the construction of radio and television cloud platform.

1+ cloud game is a mass application of radio and television cloud platform.

Regard for operators to build cloud cloud application platform of radio, film and television is a powerful business carrying capacity, can provide cloud game, health education, cloud, cloud, cloud, cloud cloud tourism information, such as cloud exhibition rich applications. The CCBN exhibition also shows these innovative applications. "1 + cloud game" is the cloud of independent game operating brand of cloud, for the player to build Gao Qingxuan cool cloud gaming platform, users open the set-top box and a television in the home, can enjoy 1 + cloud game online more than two hundred classic game. 1 + cloud park mainly for 2-10 years old of children television education of cloud services, parents turn on the TV to enter 1 + cloud, can use fun way, lead the children to learn new knowledge. The latest TV taobao, health applications, and virtual museum rich mass applications for radio and television operators provides abundant value-added services, with the popularity of cloud platform of radio, film and television, the Internet application of various mass will quickly to receive a cloud platform. The Internet of broadcasting industry is coming soon!

CCBN in flowers, schools of thought contend, depending on the fluidization platform cloud wonderful appearance and professional display, obtained the favorable comment like tide, depending on the cloud will remain committed to cable operators to provide more perfect and more innovative solutions, assist in radio and television operators comprehensive strategic transformation, power cable operators realize Internet +.

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