BSkyB: a channel for British film and television tycoons.

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BritishSkyBroadcasting, which has the largest direct-to-home satellite pay-tv system in Europe, is the largest pay-tv station in the UK. Since satellite launched in 1989, Britain's biggest satellite TV operator BSkyB satellite TV users have already accounted for 49.2% of the whole digital TV market, so its is also known as the world's most successful digital TV service operation of one of the company.

With the surge of media convergence, BSkyB, which started as a satellite network operator, will not cling to its existing infrastructure. In the original TV era, the business segment, which is dominated by live broadcasting and broadcasting, has extended to both content and channels to expand the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. The business group of the terminal part is derived from the channel part, and it is eager to try to grab the content export in the medium environment. And corresponding to the original broadband and phone services, including telephone call center not only bear the subscriber management functions, the basis of more be differentiation programs even sales Marketing Department.

Technology-driven business form integration.

Technology as catalyst of media convergence, convergence in the media play a vital role in the process of BSkyB through technology upgrade to break the boundaries between different media, respectively, the second screen in traditional television business operations and the television business sector, to carry out the TV platform, mobile terminals, such as cross-platform service between the channels, in order to realize the spreading of the channels and the fusion.

Traditional television business

1. Direct merger of channels and expand the coverage of TV channels.

BSkyB, a channel maker, wants to expand its business. The first thing to consider is the expansion of the channel. Before 2014, BSkyB had become the largest satellite television operator in the UK, covering the whole of the UK and Ireland, but not yet reaching other regions. With the arrival of 2014, BSkyB has a new round of expansion, successfully merging SkyItalia and SkyDeutschland. The sky italia is Italy's biggest pay channels, and sky deutschland business in Germany a sustained growth in recent years, its with the acquisition of the two stations directly to map more regional coverage in Europe. Not only that, the merger still can bring more subscribers, for the sky together with the broadcast of the world's top three league, make its have top football league, Europe's largest pay-tv provider. BSkyB currently offers television services to some 23.5 million viewers in Italy, Germany, Australia and the UK and Ireland.

2. Content sports + movies + original, to cooperate to introduce quality content.

In the process of operation, in addition to roll out more channels to expand business, "pipe" BSkyB also found most watched sports and movies, so want to consolidate the ratings, promoting the loyalty of viewers, the easiest way is to directly purchase high quality movies and programs, and get higher specifications to the broadcast of the sports events, and improving the look and feel of the audience experience.

BSkyB's Sky+ hd service, the UK's first high-definition television service, has been popular since its launch in 2006. Now that the Sky+ hd lineup has increased to more than 50 channels, the number of high-quality HDTV programs that users can choose to watch has increased to 400 hours per day or 13, 000 hours per month. In addition to the high content of its sky TV series, BSkyB has partnered with the BBC and ITV to expand the video library's premium content.

Hit heavily to buy high-quality, BSkyB made it clear that the program spending has reached more than 50% of all operating expenses, and the main content including sports, entertainment, movies, and news broadcast 24 hours a day. BSkyB's recognition of film and sports is the driving force behind the development of television, so it focuses on the combination of film and sports channels to highlight its own features and strengths. In addition to spending heavily to buy Hollywood's latest film rights and exclusive rights of the English premier league attractive content (with Italy and Germany a merger of two sky, to some extent, is based on the world's three largest the broadcast of the football league), British sky broadcasting company also introduces high-quality content providers such as Disney, fox, Paramount, SONY, Warner Brothers and universal programs to enhance the attraction of the user, covering original British drama, comedy, film, and a variety of types, such as the United States show to borrow at the same time broadcast partners platform (such as fox).

Then, BSkyB found from other places to buy variety shows, movies, TV series, is directly involved in the program of the production process of the initiative comes really, then embarked on a homemade news and entertainment programs. Understands only individualized product can build their own core competitiveness, in addition to set up the movie channel, sports channels, news channels, BSkyB also cooperate with other institutions issued original shows and soap operas, BSkyB in June 2013 to make clear its used in the original program of the investment amount in 2014 will reach 600 million pounds, while ParticipantMedia its new Pivot U.S. cable TV channels, in April 2014, replace competitors Starz as BSkyB original homemade TV series "Fortitude" production partners, the Pivot became the play in the United States in 2015 exclusive broadcast channels, the program output channels of spreading through joint production, has become a way of extending tentacles BSkyB.

3. The terminal will shift 4K ultra hd from 3D to create a new set-top box of "Sky cloud".

The development of traditional broadcast TV operators at the terminal level has two directions: one is the optimization of the display effect, from the standard and high definition to 3D and 4K. On the other hand, it is intelligent and networked. Based on this idea, BSkyB when dealing with the relationship between the terminal, the first is to provide the best visual experience, on ultra clear the trend of the wind, from homemade 3 d program to ensure that 4 k TV transmission; Secondly, it is no longer satisfied with just the program simply carry on traditional set-top box production and sales, but into the field of intelligent terminal hardware, building network function "Sky cloud", and on the design of the set-top box, also improved the wide flat type big size, and the petite shape the convergence of Internet TV box. Let's look at the specific practices of BSkyB separately from these two aspects.

First, BSkyB strives to optimize its ratings. In 2010, except for high-definition television is to begin to extensive research and development of 3 d TV, Sky3D compatible with SONY, samsung, LG and Panasonic all the 3 d televisions on the market at present, after buying support 3 d TV set, any Sky + HD channels are able to watch the content and don't need to upgrade the set-top box. Subscribers to sky's top channels and HD packages will be able to watch 3D movies, entertainment and sporting events without the extra cost. But with the advent of 4K ultra-clean technology in 2013, there is a tendency for 3D TV to be on a daily basis. The BBC, ESPN, NHK and Australia's Foxtel have all explicitly given up on 3D content, and the shift from 3D to 4K has become an industry trend. Similar to BSkyB, it has already begun experimenting with 4K content and several American video content giants such as YouTube and Netflix. Nextv-f, a Japanese television affiliate, also launched a pilot 4K TV show on June 2, 2014, and NTTPlala, owned by Japanese telecom giant NTT, launched 4K video online streaming service in October 2014. In the case of BSkyB's latest set-top box, it has made clear that it will support 4K ultra hd transmission.

Secondly, in order to support 4 k of high-definition television transmission, BSkyB in field of intelligent terminal hardware and BSkyB in May 2014 the company headquarters in west London dedicated team began to design a new concept of set-top boxes, called "Ethan plan". This will enable users to pass any equipment into the program, namely subscriber can pass the "Sky cloud" service records and suspend a program on the set-top box, and then by not another device of the sitting room, such as tablets, smart phones, or smart TV, connected to the Internet to continue to enjoy later. According to official accounts, the new set-top box, which supports "multi-screen linkage", is expected to begin commercial use in 2015.

4. The big data also makes it possible to make accurate advertisement customization.

In January 2014, bskyb launched the video advertising service AdSmart in January 2014 due to the large number of user data returned by the set-top box and the maturity of big data processing technology. With sky for the services within the range of the installation of 7.3 million SkyHD set-top box as the foundation of hardware, through set-top boxes from the satellite to download advertisement repository, and according to the previous user data collection, to watch the number of family members, geographic location, income level, consumption habits etc., at the time of TV viewers real-time insert ads that is most suitable for the family. Through further subdivided audience market, also can let advertisers play tag, on the function of television advertising of "customizing marketing", and according to the postal code, further realize accurate delivery in the region.

AdSmart services run smoothly without the support of the data of BSkyB in addition to integrate their mastery of the detailed information on user family and the audience viewing habits, etc, also with Experian (Experian), and other credit investigation agency cooperation, further subdividing audience according to the way of life and wealth, to provide advertisers more detailed information, audience for your ads targeted to provide powerful data support, so that advertising can more accurately locate the target audience and attract the consumer. For now, the UK's SkyTV alone is not the only one to launch a bespoke TV AD, and Gracenote, an American company, has developed a video-fingerprintingtechnology for Internet television. In addition, Channel4 and ITV, the UK cable TV company and Youview are also preparing to launch their own customized TV advertising services.

Precise advertising services, in addition to attracting more advertisers to bring direct economic benefits, can also reflect back to more accurate user demand and support the improvement of traditional TV business. Through set-top boxes feedback user viewing habits, and it is more than 500 channels BSkyB division "packaging", for the convenience of users to improve customer loyalty, BSkyB according to user's viewing habits, recommend a flexible and convenient payment method: can be packaged together several channel (Package) pay, also can choose individual channel signing fee (Premium) or from time to time (PPV), the price also can according to the channel and program quality classification; BSkyB has several hundred combinations of price criteria, with a low price of 10 pounds per month and a basic combination of 16.

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