The development of radio and television media is discussed in many fields.

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The co-chair of the conference, the state general administration of press and publication, radio and television network department deputy director Mr Tung early to attend this meeting and make the topic on the radio and television media and new media on the development of our integration "conference theme of the report, the beginning of dong put forward at the meeting on radio and television media and new media convergence thinking: at eight o 'clock

Overall positioning: it is the integration of traditional media to new media.

One development: promoting the transformation of traditional media to new media.

Program upgrade: content is still king, new normal under the sunrise industry.

Channel development: process reengineering, establishment of universal connection, multiple propagation.

Business innovation: learn from Internet thinking and strengthen integrated marketing.

Mechanism change: the operation mechanism of the inventory, enhance the mother's control ability.

Policy support: television new business can only be opened by broadcasting organizations.

Standard consistency: correct guide to full coverage, guidance requirements without exception.

Honorary President of the general assembly, academician of the Chinese academy of engineering, special invitation of senior advisor of the science and technology commission of sarft.

Honorary President of the conference, the Chinese academy of engineering, the state administration of radio technology committee invited senior adviser Liu Yunjie academicians attended the meeting and made titled "and prospects the development trend of future network in our country" conference theme of the report, the following is the content of the report summary:

Liu pointed out that despite the great success of the Internet, the existing network still faces serious challenges. The challenge comes mainly from three aspects, one is because of the traditional network structure is not flexible, can not adapt to constantly adapt to the constantly emerging of new business requirements, the problem of the sustainable development of the network is more and more serious, to guarantee the quality of service industry value chain.

Second, the Internet traffic is growing rapidly, the information redundancy is serious, and the network is unable to adapt to the huge increase of the amount of information.

Three is network and depth of traditional industries and the integration of the real economy integration development has a huge space, but the present stage of the real time network, security, flexibility and so on to meet the application demand.

In the future, the Internet will be deeply integrated with the real economy, such as industrial Internet, energy Internet, Internet of vehicles and so on. He proposed the concept of service custom network architecture SCN, which is simple, open and extensible. Safe and reliable; High efficiency, flexible regulation of network and information resources and integration will meet the needs of future network construction.

Liu Yuanshi said finally, network integration has become the inevitable trend of global technology development, has become the consensus of the world, triple play should fully prepare technical route selection, business integration strategy, supervision mechanism, etc. Radio and television should try to adopt new network technology solutions such as service customization network and software-defined content distribution network. Closely track the network technology development trend, work together to seize the network change opportunity, with a new network architecture and technology, radio and television networks design become the network resources and information resources can flexible scheduling, the fusion of multiple business new platform.

Chairman of the general assembly, deputy director of the science and technology committee of the state administration of press, publication, radio, film and television, and director of the strategic committee, du baichuan.

President of the general assembly, deputy director of the state administration of press, publication, radio, film and television (sarft), and director of the strategic committee, Mr. Du baichuan, attended the meeting and made the title "will radio and television move?" Conference theme of the report, du general introduction, the development of the current network has located in the world, the future of China's broadband development growth, with the rapid development of mobile and wireless, mobile positive data conversion, data network to operating network transformation. Currently, LTE's four new technologies, especially LTE, will be a major challenge. At present, LTE broadcasting has been commercially available, although users are still less, but the efficiency of users has improved significantly. He suggested that the current single broadcasting business network must strive to shift towards mobile. Finally, du total points out that the wireless and mobile is two main trends in the development of the Internet, there are different ways to broadcast and mobile integration, the key is to deal with in the network and the relationship between the mobile and wireless data network, to deal with in our business relationship with the mobile terminal. Radio and television must seize the fleeting moment!

Mr Zi-qiang hou, a researcher at the Chinese academy of sciences to attend this meeting and made a titled "the" Internet + "TV media" conference theme of the report, he points out that the Internet is changing people's lives, increasingly more users browse screen, most users will be done on the same day across the screen. So, in the context of multi-screen interaction, who is the home information center. He stressed that the current TV, PAD and mobile phones have different regulatory policies, so he called for multiple screen interactions to require the same management standards.

He pointed out that the Internet TV is different from traditional TV, and the basis of strict control is that the information "entropy" of TV media is the highest. In the era of Internet + media, the coverage and viewing time of video have exceeded cable TV. Today, social networks, microblogs and WeChat and have become as powerful as television stations, and even more so, than TV stations. So it is pointless to continue to discriminate between "TV" and the Internet today. The Internet video hierarchical management policy is successful both promotes the development of the industry and guarantees the content security.

It was time, he stressed, to implement "a unified management specification for different screens".

In traditional media and new media integration project on the BBS, radio and television reception desk wireless assistant general manager in suzhou, jiangsu province suzhou Mr Cheng Hongchi made about "Internet + suzhou radio and television media integration development to explore" conference theme of the report. In his view, the Internet is reconstructing, reconstructing the business model, reconstructing the capital flow, reconstructing the valuation method, and reconstructing the human heart. The third power of reconstruction will reconstruct the great age of Internet. In this context, the integration of traditional media and new media is imperative.

In particular, he introduced the fusion road of suzhou radio and television media, and he summarized the development path of suzhou radio and television in four ways. One is to use the whole media to enhance the media platform's communication power; The second is to use regional integration to enhance the radiative power of media platform. The third is to enhance the competitiveness of media platforms through industrial integration; The fourth is the use of capital to enhance the media platform's driving force. Suzhou radio and television wireless suzhou adopted "melting media +" pattern to media, media and new media, the Internet and media integration, comprehensive interpretation Internet + in the embodiment of the wisdom of the people's livelihood services. By integrating innovation and proposing solutions to meet the needs of users, the wireless suzhou platform has achieved certain user scale and accurate user base in a city. In the future, we will build a city information cloud platform in cooperation with cloud cities and smart cities.

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