The 25th China international radio and television information network exhibition was held in Beijing in March.

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It is understood that the 25 th China international exhibition on radio and television information network (CCBN2017) conference, held in Beijing CCBN as the asia-pacific region's largest radio, film and television technology equipment exhibition, the exhibition will be on March 23, 2017-25, held in Beijing China international exhibition center. CCBN2017 with "horizon fusion, think at the future" as the theme, the depth the new connotation of radio and television media depth fusion, emphasizes the technology of radio, film and television media aggregation, pan in the latest progress in the spread of the network, intelligent, and committed to accelerate the industry of radio, film and television comprehensive strategic transformation.


It is understood that the highlights of this exhibition mainly focus on the following aspects:

First, integrate new resources and build a new platform for sharing.

CCBN2017 is rich in content, covering topics such as topics, exhibitions, BBS, new product launches, authoritative awards, and exchanges and interaction between international radio, film and television. The CCBN actively builds a platform for sharing and sharing technological innovation resources, and works together with the national radio and television system and upstream and downstream industries to build consensus and pool synergy for the development of the industry. Exhibition of supply and demand communication platform, set up ecological exhibition covers the whole industry chain of industry, focus on core forms invite domestic and international radio, film and television, associated forms, derived forms of all kinds enterprise, focusing on the global radio, film and television new technologies, new products, new results and new applications. Set up an exchange platform for ideas, bring together industry leaders, experts of authoritative scholars, share ideas and discuss trends; We should build an international cooperation platform to promote the exchange and cooperation of domestic and international radio, film and television high-tech, and promote the mutual learning of domestic and international industrial development strategies. CCBN2017 will give full play to their role as the platform, a new resource, build sharing new platform, enhance the industry cohesion, stimulate the innovation of science and technology, for radio, film and television industry development to foster new kinetic energy, create new advantages, open up a new horizon.

Ii. New technology and new development of fusion horizon.

CCBN brings together the latest trends in global radio, film and television technology and industry development, which is of great concern to the world's radio and television industry. CCBN2017 will assemble radio and television and related industry the latest technology, results and the prospective trend of industrial development, the exhibition content is extensive, covering production, transmission coverage, radio, film and television industry gathering operation management, technology and equipment of various types, such as terminal services and innovative applications, and new media, movie, network, audio-visual, communications, IT, electronic products and innovative technologies such as fusion applications. Exhibition mainly includes: (1) the media fusion, will be fully display technical, business, management, and so on various aspects of the latest achievements in media convergence, the focus is to cloud and big data, high-definition, cultural security and information security controls technology application as the core of radio, film and television industry, promote the fusion media broadcast and fusion media cloud platform to build and perfect service, support the fusion of media interaction, social, in the development, promote the business of radio, film and television and the management mode of change. (2) on the Internet, the next generation of radio and television network technology innovation achievements will be displayed, and the latest development of the integration of the three networks and the integration of wired wireless satellites will be presented. (3) public service and management, including: radio and television monitoring and supervision of the latest technology and the business progress, terrestrial digital television network, broadband two-way upgrade the latest progress of the latest application of the digital audio broadcast technology, direct broadcast satellite the latest situation of the public service. (4) aspects of radio, film and television wisdom, will focus on displaying the latest development of intelligent technology, wisdom, radio and television services and applications, including: cloud network technology and integration solutions, SDN/NFV the latest integrated application technology in radio and television networks, radio, film and Internet of things technology and application, standardization of home intelligent gateway, intelligent terminal and its progress, such as family, intelligence community and the wisdom of radio, film and television city business innovation progress, ultra-high resolution, the screen more interaction, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), such as panoramic video technology innovation and industry application.

Iii. Explore new ideas and create new industrial ecology.

Scientific and technological innovation is the main driving force for the transformation and upgrading of radio and television. With the iterative evolution of science and technology, radio, film and television production, transfer, distribution, customer service, the content of the monitoring and supervision and so on each link, are under the tide of digital, networked, intelligent produce big changes. Radio, film and television industry must strengthen depth fusion development philosophy, strive to build the new mainstream media, improve the transmission of radio and television media force, guiding force, influence and credibility, build a new ecological with audio-visual content as the core industry. The CCBN has organized a rich variety of BBS and technical exchange activities, in-depth discussions on the new concept of radio and television development, and leading the new industry trend.

March 21-25, 2017 in Beijing international conference center, China international exhibition centre, royal hotel CCBN2017 theme report will be held three hall, international summit CCBN2017 cable digital TV operators, CCBN2017 China international radio, film and television development BBS (BDF) summit talks and workshops, including media fusion, digital cable TV industry, cloud computing and big data technology, wisdom, city and the Internet of things, the family Numbers education and entertainment, intelligent terminal and Internet TV, mobile Internet, the future audio-visual new technology (VR/AR, 4 k, etc.) and Taiwan in the digital network, radio and television public service, information security, copyright ecology, aggregate content of radio, film and television industry, digital audio broadcasting, radio and television investment and financing and operations management innovation and technical aspects of film and television animation production. The conference will hold 21 symposiums, with more than 200 speakers and more than 15,000 spectators. The number of participants and guests will reach a new high.

The CCBN2017 theme report and series BBS will invite the most authoritative representatives of the industry to attend the seminar. From global radio and television, telecommunications, government departments, such as the Internet industry and network operators to senior leadership, radio and television broadcast agencies, well-known enterprise high-level, scientific research institutions and academic authority of experts and scholars, Internet new media executives and representatives of industry associations and well-known media representatives, as a major conference speaker, will be the strongest voice, agitate is hot topic ideas, solve problems, to explore industry strategy, technology, business, management, services, and the future development of new ideas and new trend.

Fourth, promote new cooperation and expand international space.

All the way in the "area", radio, film and television, going out led by countries such as strategy, relying on China radio, film and television of innovative ability of science and technology, audio and video content rich, the increasing scale of industry, the Chinese and foreign radio and television industry exchange a surge in demand. The internationalization of CCBN has been accelerated.

During the period of CCBN2017, international famous enterprises from over 30 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Canada and Australia will participate in the exhibition. From NAB, IBC, IABM, IEEE, SCTE, DVB international broadcast radio and television agencies, industry associations, such as operations and embassy, chamber of commerce and other relevant industries organization representative will visit the exhibition and attend the meeting for discussion. The CCBN organizing committee will conduct exchange and cooperation dialogue with senior members of the IBC organizing committee of the international broadcasting exhibition, and cooperate with relevant international radio and television technology organizations. The CCBN international advisory committee will carry out high-level consultations on the trend of China and world radio and television development in 2017, and propose strategic planning proposals for the development of CCBN exhibition.

Fifth, explain new connotation, experience service new quality.

CCBN2017 period, the organizing committee will provide the full range of professional, precise and personalized services, increase the service category, enhanced service depth, use a new generation of information technology to carry on the service innovation, so as to add new meaning to convention and exhibition services, making the majority of the participants to experience the exhibition services everywhere new quality.

The exhibition use of the mobile Internet and big data related technology, innovation exhibition management system, perfect the management system management system, to create media, audience experience mode change, to make the exhibition participants more convenient access to exhibition conference services. Exhibition for the first time by the "official CCBN WeChat" and "expert" of radio, film and television APP client joint gold maps, innovative mobile terminal exhibition in real time mode, the audience can be real-time query exhibition information, intelligent guide to visit the target platform. CCBN new media integrated platform for online registration to visit electronic ticket function more complete, by CCBN official micro letter or official APP can get qr code or on-site registration for registration in advance qr code, directly enter the visit. All kinds of professional service stations, information distribution systems, inter-exhibition shuttle bus and off-site display guidance system will bring the exhibition visitors meticulous experience of the exhibition. Exhibition and conference "catalogue", "tour guide", "the frontier technology introduction", "daily news" and other exhibition will be detailed in this paper, the industry policy, for the audience interpret cutting-edge technology, the plan to visit and develop a plan of hearing; Personalization, precision of the whole process in on behalf of the reception plan is ready, from the issuance of the invitation, to represent the registered, pick up, conference reception, accommodation, visit exhibitions and attend the meeting, and all set of personnel management, as the representatives of professional one-stop considerate service.

At the same time, the exhibition will hold the authority award ceremony to highlight the new connotation of CCBN depth service. The awards include "2016 annual television program technical quality award (golden fan award)", "2016 annual broadcast program technical quality award (golden deer award)" and the 3rd "CCBN annual innovation award" and other awards.

Vi. Integrate new channels and spread new highlights of the exhibition.

The exhibition publicity is very important CCBN preparation and work at the site, is a traditional advantage CCBN brand effect of the widening, breakthrough time and space limit the main way of the spread of the exhibition contents of three-dimensional. The publicity work of CCBN2017 will actively innovate the means of publicity, integrate the new publicity channels, make full use of the network information technology, take the professional perspective, personalized service, and re-create the communication process. Based on the propagation of CCBN official website, the organizing committee with official micro letter, official weibo, comprehensive mobile information platform of radio, film and television and other new media as the main channel, with professional portal website for expanding route, with professional print media for professional support, integrate the advantage resources and innovative interactive mode, and enjoy live experience, establish CCBN integration industry interactive information release and exchange platform. Through innovation of CCBN interactive platform, integrated industry exhibition will be the latest exhibition information, industry policy, cutting-edge technology and operation management, the development idea aspects of content, convenient and real time control of the exhibition industry in the people from all walks of life and industry the latest hot spots, leading the industry interaction, gathering the industry thought wisdom.

TAG:   The 25th China international radio and television information network exhibition was held in Beijing in March.