MA989 portable radio and television comprehensive test instrument.

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MA989 portable radio and television comprehensive test instrument.

Main features

Can simulate broadcast signal demodulation and broadcast in real time.

Broadcast audio can be collected.

CDR signal demodulation format: transmission mode 1/2/3;

Spectrum template 1/2/9/10/22/23; Modulation mode QPSK/16QAM/64QAM;

Subframe allocation method 1/2/3; LDPC encoding methods: 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and 3/4.

CDR signal detection: support signal level intensity, MER, signal to noise ratio,

Modulation error rate and error packet rate index test, and display lock status;

DTMB signal demodulation format: support QAM/QPSK demodulation, support ground.

National standard demodulation signal forward error rate, protection interval and interweave information display.

DTMB test support signal DTMB signal strength, noise ratio, level,

Modulation error rate, error rate index test;

DTMB program playback, playback: support DTMB signal real-time decoding play and.

Recording function; Support mpeg-2 /AVS/AVS+ video hd/standard decoding,

Support mpeg-1 /AAC/DRA audio decoding; Supports DTMB signal.

AVS+ encoding format code stream collection.

Analog TV indicator detection: support signal analog TV signal strength.

Test to support real-time analog TV signal demodulation.

Spectral scanning: with the function of spectrum scanning, the spectrum can be monitored in real time.

And detect the illegal frequency point, have the dot frequency test, the group frequency test and sweep frequency test 3.

Mode, support data automatic storage, data sampling interval adjustable, round robin.

Test, no frequency limit.

Different color schemes are displayed in the map platform in different color schemes.

Test results

Support constellation display and multipath signal test function, can show multipath delay.

With a variety of data interface such as the network port \TS-ASI\USB, it can be demodulated.

Audio or code stream output.

Based on WINDOWS operating system, high brightness 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen is adopted.

Easy to operate

Support all open ground broadcast television signal formats.

Support digital TV signal DTMB test.

Support analog TV signal testing.

Support AVS+ decoding display.

Support broadcast signal short wave, FM signal test.

Supports DRA audio decoding.

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