Dummy load

  • No.:BY-604
  • supplier :magic-china
  • The price:negotiable

BY-604 Dummy load


Use frequency width, low VSWR, bear power is great, easy operation, high reliability, power measuring accuracy can reach 5% or less, using the environment temperature - 35 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃

Power: 1000 w

Working frequency: (Ⅰ type) DC - 1 GHz, 1-2 GHz (Ⅱ type), 2-3.2 GHz (Ⅲ type)

50 Ω impedance:

Voltage standing wave ratio: less than or equal to 1.10 (1GHz), less than 1.15 (2GHz), less than 1.25(3.2GHz)

Input feed pipe size: 7/16, L27, n-50kf.

Power indicator: dial pointer type.

Measurement accuracy: plus or minus 5%.

Cooling mode: dry natural cooling.

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