visual audio signal generator.

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visual audio signal generator.

Standard audio signal generator, all in accordance with national standards and international requirements, its standard test signal for video channel and audio channel must measure and technical indexes of special Settings, is the national standard of audio measurement necessary instruments. Its technical index has reached or exceeded international similar product level, it is the best substitute product of similar import product.

The characteristics of

The video test signal is produced in a completely digital way, so its signal accuracy is high and repeatability is good.

The international standard interpolation signal was inserted into lines 17, 18, 330 and 331 of the present blanking period according to international standards.

The signal generated by the signal source is set according to the national standard and international standard, which requires that video channel must be measured. There are 17 test signals in total.

The signal is completely in line with pal-d TV standard.

There are 14 audio single tone test signal outputs from 30Hz to 15KHz.

A black field signal (used for automatic measurement) and frame fracture (for measurement of periodic noise ratio)

It can be automatically controlled by the type 150 audio-frequency meter, and the corresponding test signal will be automatically selected when the video is measured.

The modulating wave in the fifth step of the fifth step wave can be shut off to prevent the TV transmitter from being modulated during the test.

With the function of "1+3", the average image level is divided into 12.5%, 50% and 87.5%, which is easy to measure the nonlinear distortion.

It has a square wave signal, which is easy to measure the tilt of the field.

High degree of integration, high reliability, small volume, low failure.

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