Frequency sweep meter

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Frequency sweep meter BY - 312

The sweep frequency meter can be widely used in the scanning dynamic test of all kinds of radio networks, receiving and transmitting equipment within a range of 1 ~ 1000MHz. Such as active, passive four - terminal network, filter, amplifier and other transmission characteristics and reflection characteristics measurement. The instrument has excellent characteristics: wide band, 1 ~ 1000 MHZ frequency can be a sweep, meet the requirement of broadband test, and also can undertake narrowband frequency sweep and frequency can be used as a source of stable points were given. The signal source and the display part are integrated, the outer dimension is small, the screen is large, the weight is light, can satisfy the different working environment of indoor and outdoor, it is the basic test instrument of the factory, scientific research unit and school.

Technical indicators:

Frequency sweep range: 1 ~ 1000 MHZ (50 Ω) 5 ~ 1000 MHZ (75 Ω)

Sweep frequency sweep method: the whole panorama, narrow flicking Ⅰ, narrow Ⅱ, single frequency frequency (point)

Frequency display: LED digital assistant display, error plus or minus 1%.

Output level: + 13 DBM / 50 Ω Ω 116 dbuv / 75

Output flatness: better than 0.3db.

Output attenuation: 10dB x 7 and 1dB x 10 step electronic control attenuation.

Output harmonic content: less than -30db.

Mark display: pulse mark 100, 10, 1MHz full sweep can be used to assist display, external frequency standard.

Channel working mode: sub-a, B channel and A /B channel simultaneously display three working modes.

A channel linear display, display sensitivity 1mV/div. The spacing ratio of any adjacent 100MHz is not greater than 1.2.

B channels, according to the logarithmic display dynamic range 75 Ω system is greater than 55 db, 50 Ω systems is 60 db per 1, 5 db/div two displays

It can also measure the characteristic of passband and stopband.

Level reference: two electronic calibration lines that can be arbitrarily set in the vertical direction of the screen.

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