analog audio analyzer.

  • No.:BY-302A
  • supplier :magic-china
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BY-302A analog audio analyzer.

The main features

Typical THD+N -106 dB and 24 bits and 1M FFT (optional)

No programming is required to conduct a comprehensive test in 3 seconds.

The intuitive user interface, one click the measurement.

Support VB.NET,C#.NET, fully LabVIEW driver.

With foot switch or bar code scanner control.

To share engineering files and collect the wav files on any instrument.

Use MS word or user.

The interface creates custom test reports.

High level measurement library includes IMD,MOL, dynamic range, FFT or more (optional)

Used in the production line to test the best high performance audio analyzer. Its test speed, performance, automation and simplicity are among the best of its kind. All key audio parameters can be measured in 3 seconds. 廉 despite its low cost, but also has the outstanding performance, like all the Ming audio analyzer, a typical 106 - d - B THD + N, 24, 1 m FFT competence (option), support 192 k sampling rate of digital interface, a key features such as automatic measurement and diminish in relation to use. 515 pass the ISO :17025 Accredited Calibration test, with comprehensive after-sales service and warranty period, so its measurement results are trustworthy in any case.

Key indicators

The system performance

Residual THD+N (20 kHz BW)

-102 dB + 1.4 mu V.

Typical <-106 dB (1 kHz, 2.0v)

Signal source performance

The frequency range of the sine wave is 0.1hz to 80.1khz.

Frequency accuracy 3 PPM.

The IMD test signal.


Most significant (balance)

Low 16 Vrms

The range accuracy was plus or minus 0.05 dB.

Flat degree (20hz-20khz) + 0.010 dB.

The simulation output configuration is unbalanced and balanced, common mode.

The digital output sampling rate is 22 kS/ s-216 s /s.

· support (code file) for Dolby/DTS signal source

Analyzer performance

The maximum rated input voltage is 125Vpk.

Maximum bandwidth

Low > 90 kHz

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