MA528 antenna field test system

  • No.:MA528
  • supplier :Baoying Technology
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MA528 antenna field test system

Baoying Technology's MA528 antenna shape test system, this system through the spatial broadcast signal strength test system, allows users to understand the specific electromagnetic environment surrounding the measured object, can test the field shape of the short-wave transmitting antenna to grasp The working status of the antenna. Using a wireless data transmission system suite tailored to the instrument, it is possible to transmit measurement data and sampling point position information (including: longitude, latitude, altitude, and time) back to the designated receiving terminal, realizing real-time monitoring of the test process; Test data analysis software, users can easily filter and analyze the test results, can generate field type distribution map around the measured object; using Google Earth data conversion software, you can test data into the Google Earth platform to display, easy to test results More intuitive and complete presentation. Use a small aircraft: The field strength meter automatically measures and records field strength data and GPS position data in the air.

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