MA343 portable DTMB digital terrestrial standard TV synthesizer.

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MA343 portable DTMB digital terrestrial standard TV synthesizer.

Bao surplus technology MA343 portable DTMB digital model of the ground from national standard TV measuring is a portable DTMB analyzer, the instrument can be the national standard of terrestrial digital television signal strength and technical index test, at the same time support the signal demodulation, decoding. The instrument is equipped with multi-function measurement and analysis software, which can realize automatic test, and the data can be saved in real time. The machine operation is very simple, the test effect is very intuitive. This machine is widely applicable to broadcast signal transmitting and related monitoring institutions at all levels.

Product features

Support digital TV and ground national standard signal demodulation.

Test AVS+ signal strength, frequency deviation, SNR, MER, error packet rate and multipath.

Support multiple encoding format decoding, AVS+ code stream storage record and playback.

Automatic testing, data can be stored, recorded and played back in real time.

A variety of digital TV indicator test functions: signal strength, noise ratio, modulation error rate and error rate.

Support demodulation signal information display: forward error correction code rate, protection interval and time domain interweaving, etc.

It has the function of test signal demodulation, and can store code stream information in real time.

The test data can be automatically generated for printing.

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