MA527 space medium short wave field strength meter.

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MA527 space medium short wave field strength meter.

The short wave field intensity meter in MA527 space is also called a field measuring instrument, which adopts the high performance component, and the accurate measurement of the space is measured by the advanced measurement circuit design. With ma527-03 antenna, GPS input module and digital radio station, the spatial field intensity of a certain frequency point can be measured in real time and the corresponding data is stored and sent. The instrument through space medium short wave signal field strength test, analyte can let users understand the specific surrounding electromagnetic environment, can carry on the test of medium short wave antenna pattern so as to master the working state of the antenna. Use custom designed for instrument suite, wireless data transmission system to measure the data and sample point location information (include: longitude, latitude, altitude and time) back to the designated receiving terminal, has realized the real-time monitoring of the testing process; By using test data analysis software, the user can easily filter and analyze the test results, and can generate the field distribution map around the measured objects; Using Google Earth data conversion software, the test data can be imported into the Google Earth platform for display, so that the test results can be presented in a more intuitive and complete manner.

Device metrics

1. Frequency range: 500kHz~30MHZ.

2. Minimum frequency step: 1kHz.

3. Detection mode: average.

4. Level measurement range: 0~120 (unit dB)

5. Field strength measurement range: 45~150(unit dB, V/m)

6. Measurement error: no more than 1dB.

7. Shielding effect: no less than 90dB.

8. Automatic proofreading, automatic measurement and automatic recording.

9. Test interval<0.2 seconds.

10. Power supply: the working time of internal battery power supply is >, 3 hours.

11. Volume: a. Field strength instrument: 216 * 224 x 100 mm (length x width x height)

                    B. Antenna diameter: 450mm.

12. Weight: a. Field strength meter: 3.4kg (including battery)

                   B. Receiving antenna and cable: 0.75kg total weight: 4.15kg.

Option to

(1) wireless data transmission system (2) test data analysis software (3) Google Earth data conversion software.

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