MA323 portable broadcast field strength meter.

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MA323 portable broadcast field strength meter.

Baoying technology launched MA323 portable field strength meter. MA323 is composed of test host and data acquisition and analysis software. It can not only test the field intensity of space broadcast signals, but also can conduct real-time demodulation of audio information collection. After medium wave of FM antenna is used, it can greatly improve the sensitivity of measurement instruments of medium short wave, frequency modulation signal, and can be applied to track radio emission index, purify electromagnetic space, maintain security of communication. MA323 more good extensibility, by testing the data interface of the host the test data can be exported into a computer data analysis platform, to achieve timely analysis of test data, convenient user real-time accurate grasp of the whole test process. MA323 is small in size and light in quality. It is widely used in all levels of broadcast signaling and related monitoring bodies.

Functional features

Support FM/FM broadcast signal testing and demodulation.

Multi - frequency modulation broadcasting index test function: signal field intensity, frequency deviation, noise ratio, modulation system.

Multi - amplitude modulation broadcast index test function: signal field intensity, noise ratio, frequency deviation, etc.

Technical indicators

Frequency range:AM 530KHz ~ 30MHz, FM 86MHz ~ 108MHz.

Amplitude modulation broadcast minimum frequency step.:1 KHZ

FM radio minimum frequency step.:10 KHZ

Amplitude range:Dbuv 10 ~ 120 dbuv

Amplitude precision:Plus or minus 1 db

Communication interface:USB

Number of days interface type:BNC interface

Antenna input impedance:50 Ω

volume:About 210 mm * 160 mm * 160 mm

The weight of the:About 1.5 kg

The work environment:0 ° C ~ 45 ° C temperature/relative humidity < 80%

Battery life:> 2 hours/battery full.

Charging time:< 5 hours

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