The state administration of press, publication, radio, film and television (sarft) has led thumb up.

2018-01-16 16:27:01 magic-china

On January 11, published by the Chinese association, Chinese books and periodicals distribution sector association of the 31st Beijing book fair here in China international exhibition center, one of the largest scale and influence the publishing industry event, the Beijing book fair here, was recognized as the industry has the annual "barometer", is published new technology and read the new concept of the highest stage. On the event, a book of science and technology of unmanned random) on stunning appearance in the main stadium, attracted a lot of people to "tasting", by industry leaders and senior people in the industry acclaim and attention!


At 9 PM on the day, the state general administration of press and publication, radio and television, director-general of the department of printing issue Liu Xiaokai, issue everywhere changan to visit the exhibition site, and to experience the independent research and development of science and technology of unmanned bookstore, and the products of creative and practical given the full affirmation.


Liu Xiaokai chief priests after hearing a book after bada, founder of the science and technology with the introduction of the product, expressed his appreciation for the purpose of the product and concept, and puts forward several constructive Suggestions, hope to speed up the pace, the product promotion to more offline scenarios, boost the rapid development of nationwide reading, forming a broader reading atmosphere.


At 4 PM, director of China's publishing group, the electronic industrial press, vice President of song sets for the time being, the electronic industrial press deputy editor-in-chief Judy li line to site visit to experience a book no one bookstore, gave high praise to the product form, full of expectation and for further cooperation.


Short time one day, there are hundreds of people through experience no one random house, feeling the simple and novel way of books, books reading pleasure, many present industry tongren, media also sent a heartfelt admiration. Book of science and technology as a new generation of reading service providers, hope to establish a platform + media + channels scenario-based reading service system, is committed to creating a new way of life, although has just been set up for three months, has the acuity and the concept of solid products, become actively promote "national reading" practitioners, make reading everywhere.

TAG:   The state administration of press, publication, radio, film and television (sarft) has led thumb up.