Regional sales manager of testing instruments in radio and television industry.

  • Number:10
  • Workplace:Beijing chaoyang district.
  • Deal:5000-6000
  • Release Date:2018-01-16
  • Validity:No limit
  • Online apply for

Main work contents:

1. Be familiar with the existing products of the company, carry out product promotion and market promotion through various media, independently develop potential customers in the industry to make phone calls, and establish and maintain customer files.

2. Communicated well with customers and provided solutions, quotations and contract negotiations according to customers' requirements.

3. Assigned detailed work plan according to the regional division, and sold the products developed and operated by the company to complete the annual sales task.

4. Cooperate with the business department to complete the project bidding documents, complete the bidding process, and cooperate with the sales supervisor to deal with other matters related to sales.

Job requirements:

1. Knowledge background of science and engineering, sales experience of electronic equipment or electronic equipment is preferred.

2. With over 2 years of experience in equipment sales, I am enthusiastic about sales and have strong learning ability and communication skills.

3. Good faith, positive and positive, strong sense of responsibility, good adaptability and pressure ability, good teamwork spirit, subject to company management and arrangement.

4. Proficient in office automation software; Ability to travel.

5. After training, I can visit the user to explain and display the products independently.

Working hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-17:30, shuanghu,

The state shall have statutory holidays with paid leave, and may be entitled to five days of paid leave after one year's work.

If you are interested in our position and meet our basic requirements, please send your resume to or contact us directly!