Technical support

  • Number:2
  • Workplace:Beijing chaoyang district.
  • Deal:6000-7999
  • Release Date:2018-01-16
  • Validity:No limit
  • Online apply for

Main work contents:

1. Cooperate with sales personnel to carry out equipment promotion, participate in customer communication, product demonstration and after-sales technical training.

2. Replying to the technical problems related to the company's products proposed by users, and giving technical explanation to the sales of the company.

3. Prepare and modify product technical data and operation instructions according to product functions, and timely finish the after-sales work.

4. Assemble and test the company's products, ensure the normal delivery of the equipment, and complete the product delivery, installation and acceptance independently.

Job requirements:

1. Have solid digital circuit, analog circuit knowledge, electronic and communication related major, at least 2 years of technical service or development work experience.

2. Familiar with oscilloscope, vector network analyzer, spectrum instrument and other instrument users are preferred.

3. Have quick learning ability and language expression ability, work actively, can bear hardships and stand hard work, good communication ability and team work spirit.

4. Be rigorous, obey the management and arrangement of the company, and adapt to travel.

Working hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-17:30, shuanghu,

The state shall have statutory holidays with paid leave, and may be entitled to five days of paid leave after one year's work.

If you are interested in our position and meet our basic requirements, please send your resume to or contact us directly!